Replacement Solar Hot Water Controller to suit Chromagen - DIFT2


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Replacement Solar Hot Water Controller to suit Chromagen - DIFT2

Solar Hot Water Parts is an approved distributor of the DIFT2 Controller used in Chromagen solar hot water systems. We are continually extending our solar hot water spare parts catalogue to give you the best selection of solar hot water replacement parts to choose from. 

We sell the widest range of spare parts to suit any solar hot water service, whether it be a flat plate panel collector or evacuated tube solar collector. The Solar Hot Water Parts range is now online and ready to order, with complete tech specs to ensure your seamless selection.
If you're unsure which part suits, simply contact us - click here.
The DIFT2 controller is a differential thermostat (solar controller) designed specifically for the domestic solar hot water market here in Australia. It continuously monitors the temperature difference between a tank sensor and a panel sensor which switches an external AC hot water circulating pump on to facilitate optimal overall system energy efficiency.

Boil Protection 

Water circulation is cut out at a tank temperature of 75°C (factory selectable) to protect the tank from boiling and minimize the risk of scalding.


Freeze Protection

Water circulation is initiated when panel temperature drops below 4.5°C (factory selectable) and stops when panel temperature reaches at least 7°C (factory selectable), to ensure water does not freeze in the pipes. For closed loop systems, freeze protection can be disabled (factory setting).

Status and Fault Indicators
The two status lights visible on the top lid provide information regarding faults and normal operation of the controller. The following table summarizes the status and fault indications.