Replacement Solar Hot Water 2.5m Roof Sensor to suit Aims Controller


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Replacement 2.5m Solar Hot Water Roof Sensor to suit Aims Solar Hot Water Controllers

Solar Hot Water Parts roof sensors come with heat transfer paste and joiners included. We are also trialling free 5ml silicone tubes to help make replacement even easier.

If you are just replacing the roof sensor on your system, we recommend you check the circulation pump. Just because the pump motor is running does not mean it is circulating water as it should and this will damage your new roof sensor. With some models of solar hot water systems, your best option may be replacing everything at once with a complete pump station. Please contact us if you have questions about this before you purchase this item.

Our roof sensors are made from high temp silicone cable and have been designed with a double crimp steel sheath for maximum protection.

The image above is of the original sensor. The actual product supplied may differ to this image but is an appropriate replacement part for your system. Images of solar hot water controllers and original sensors are included in the description of products to assist you to find the appropriate product for your system (controller is not included in the sale price).

These controllers were used in many of the earlier solar hot water systems - Rinnai; Oz Roll; Modern; Beasley and many more.    

The sensor supplied comes pre-packed and is 2.5m in length.

Solar Hot Water Parts has the complete solar replacement range. We are continually extending our solar hot water spare parts catalogue to give you the best selection of solar hot water replacement parts to choose from.

We sell the widest range of spare parts to suit any solar hot water service, whether it be a flat plate panel or evacuated tube solar collector. The Solar Hot Water Parts range is now online and ready to order, with complete tech specs to ensure your seamless selection.


If you're unsure which part suits, simply contact us - click here



Solar Hot Water Controller ISC-AC2-A3C to suit Modern Solar System- Sensors not supplied (make sure this is the correct model controller for your system by checking the sensor lead connections).

This controller has two or three temperature sensors which connect to the controller via short flying leads.

These sensors are:

Panel Sensor, usually 15 metres
Bottom Tank Sensor, usually 3 metres
Mid Tank Sensor (with white band), usually 2 metres
The Panel Sensor will only connect with one of the short flying leads. The Mid Tank Sensor (with white band) connects to the flying lead with the white band. The Bottom Sensor connects to the remaining flying lead.

The Panel Sensor goes to the top of the collector panel, the Mid Tank Sensor goes to a position in the body of the tank and the Bottom Tank Sensor goes to the bottom of the storage tank.

Panel temperature must be sensed as close as possible to the top of the panel either by inserting the sensor into a thermo well in the plumbing fitting or by placing the sensor on the pipework as close as possible to the outlet from the top of the panel.

Mid Tank temperature sensor will require a fitting on the body of the tank so that it can sense the Mid Tank tenperature.

Bottom Tank temperature must be sensed as close as possible to the bottom of the tank either by inserting the sensor into a thermo well in the bottom of the tank or in the plumbing fitting or by placing the sensor on the pipework as close as possible to the outlet from the bottom of the tank, where water is taken to the panel via the pump.

Put the end of the sensor in direct contact with the temperature to be sensed. On pipeword it can be held in place with tape.

Where possible insulation should be placed over the end of the sensor and approximately 100mm of cable behind the end of the sensor to ensure that the sensor reaches the temperature it is trying to measure.

If using silicone sealer, only use those with Neutral Cure. Sealers that smell of ascetic acid may cause the sensor leads to become brittle and crack.

Setup and Adjustment:

No setup or adjustment is required for these controllers. Frost protection by circulation is enabled be default. This method of frost protection provides some protection against frost damage, however, freezing can still occur in some circumstances, such as very cold conditions or dead spots in the panel where water does not circulate.