RMC Air and Vacuum Relief Valve - AVHTS-15


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RMC Air and Vacuum Relief Valve - AVHTS-15

The Auto Air Vent has been designed using high temperature Viton® O-Rings seal in order to withstand high stagnation temperatures encountered in solar hot water systems.

The Auto Air Vent will also act as a vacuum breaker in situations where the closed circuit is isolated and drained.

During normal operation, accumulated air in the system is relieved through the valve by means of a float mechanism. Gathered air bubbles cause the float to drop, opening the valve and forcing the air out under water pressure until the float rises and once again seals the valve.

Features and Benefits

• Convenient connection size which removes the need for adapters and additional joins in pipe work

• Stainless steel float

• Capable of withstanding high pressures when commissioning solar hot water systems

• ‘Always open’ vent cap

• Valve will still vent air with the cap fully screwed down which avoids potential installation issues

• Vent cap designed to minimize the risk of blockage due to foreign matter

• Dezincification resistant

• Chrome plated brass body meets Australian Standard for potable water supply

• High temperature Viton® O-Rings

• Individually tested