AVG Cold Water Expansion Valve ECV 15mm Green 850KPA


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Expansion Control Valve

The Expansion Control Valve (ECV) is designed to relieve the increase in pressure caused by the water expansion during the normal heating cycle. It is recommended that an ECV be fitted to the cold water supply line. This will relieve cold water, not hot water, during the heating cycle saving energy and increasing the life of the Pressure Temperature Relief valve (PTR).

Some local governments make it mandatory to install an ECV in the cold water line. PTR and ECV valves are safety valves and should be replaced every 4 years.

Inlet Pressure Control

High pressure may cause excessive discharge and possible premature failure of the operating relief valve. The maximum water pressure usually occurs during the night, at the time of lowest water usage.

In any mains pressure water heater installation if the water pressure exceeds 80% of the nominal set pressure of the operating relief valve, a Pressure Limiting Valve must be fitted to the cold inlet. If a cold water expansion control valve is fitted it will have a lower set pressure than the PTR valve and therefore will be the main operating relief valve.