Solar Hot Water Pump Station With Senztek SolaStat 2 sensor. Controller Not Fully Enclosed


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Solar Hot Water Pump Station With Senztek SolarStat 1-2 Controller ( All controllers come with free thermal heat paste)

Complete pump stations are great value, they include:

  • Grundfos 15-20 CIL2 OEM Circulating Pump
  • Senztek ST 1-2 (2 sensor controller - roof, inlet)
  • AVG pumps unions
  • AVG solar rated non return valve
  • AVG Flow meter
  • Quality pump station stainless steel cover
  • Thermal heat paste and roof sensor joiners 

Solar Hot Water Parts stock complete replacement pump stations for solar plumbing repairs. Sometimes its more economical and efficient to replace everything with a much more up to date selection of products. The advantage with some of the better quality controllers on the market is that they have visible temperature readings which makes it possible to monitor your systems to detect/prevent possible problems. By adding a quality controller to a complete covered pump station, with the best circulating pump and valves on the market, you have upgraded your systems efficacy and have good peace of mind your system will be working to its best potential.