Senztek SolaStat ST Plus 1-3 Replacement Board


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Senztek SolaStat ST Plus 1-3 Replacement Board

This item is a board only to suit controller with one relay, one upper tank sensor, one inlet tank sensor and one roof sensor. Depending on the age of your controller it can be best to replace the entire controller including roof sensors.

Solar Hot Water Parts is an approved Senztek distributor of the complete Senztek SolaStat range. We are continually extending our solar hot water spare parts catalogue to give you the best selection of solar hot water replacement parts to choose from. We sell the widest range of spare parts to suit any solar hot water service, whether it be a flat plate panel or evacuated tube solar collector.

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The Senztek SolaStat Plus 1-3 sensor replacement PCB (Senztek SolaStat WR 1-3/Senztek Plus 1/Senztek 1-3/SS1 SolaStat-Plus-1 and mains plug) is a solar hot water controller that has been designed to be robust and reliable. The Senztek brand is reliable and easily installed into any solar hot water system.

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