Senztek AlphaStat-Plus Hot Water Controller


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Senztek AlphaStat-Plus Hot Water Controller 


Solar Hot Water Parts is an approved Senztek distributor of the complete Senztek range.

We are continually extending our solar hot water spare parts catalogue to give you the best selection of solar hot water replacement parts to choose from. We sell the widest range of spare parts to suit any solar hot water service, whether it be a flat plate panel or evacuated tube solar collector. The Solar Hot Water Parts range is now online and ready to order, with complete tech specs to ensure your seamless selection.

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Who are Senztek?

Senztek is a local based New Zealand electronics designer and manufacturer that has had a huge impact on the Australian solar hot water market. Their quality range of solar hot water controllers has been purposely built to suit our climate. They supply a large number of leading manufacturers globally - Apricus; AAE; Bosch; Edson; Hills; Neopower; Rotex; SolarArk; Stratco; SolarOz; Solarland; Thermotec; Zen - just to name a few.

Their smart energy controllers include the SolaStat; SolaStat Plus; SolaStat ST; SolaStat WR; AlphaStat; EcoStat; SolaStat-Pool and the new SolaSmart range. Senztek has spent many years developing and perfecting advanced algorithms and associated controllers able to deliver real savings for solar and electric hot water users.


The AlphaStat-Plus controller can control all types of hot water booster applications, including thermo-siphon solar, wetback or domestic hot water electric elements. With AlphaStat-Plus, you won't have to think about turning your hot water element off to save power and then remembering to turn it back on again before your shower goes cold! Your AlphaStat-Plus smoothly and efficiently takes the hassle out of maximising your power savings. It even monitors the water to make sure it is safe from legionella infection.

What else makes AlphaStat-Plus the best choice for you? You can:

  • Set your own heat up values
  • Trigger one-off heat-ups at the push of a button 
  • Use vacation mode to minimise your power use while you're away

The AlphaStat-Plus controller has been designed to be robust and reliable. The Senztek brand is reliable and easily installed into any solar hot water system. Its simple installation means you plug in, play and walk away. Replacement solar hot water spare parts are easy to find here at Solar Hot Water Parts and even easier to repair. The controller settings are pre-set and can be easily changed if required.