Apricus solar ready 250L

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Brand Apricus
Product code Apricus
Booster Electric
Tank type Glass-Lined
System element Bottom-Element
Tank size 250
Model 250 Bottom elment Solar Ready



Solar-Ready Tanks


The Apricus Solar-Ready Tanks (SRT) are perfect for emergency hot water situations, replacing an ageing, inefficient electric hot water tank or in some cases for new home builds on a budget. Apricus Solar Ready Hot Water Tank.The Apricus 'Solar Ready Tank' will work just like an electric hot water system until you are ready to go solar.

  • Solar Ready Tank 250 litre
    • Retro-fit Kits available when you are ready to convert your unit to solar hot water
    • Apricus is Australian owned and operated
    • 10 year cylinder warranty
    • High quality vitreous enamel construction
    • Designed for Australian conditions