RESOL DeltaSol® BS /4 (1-3 sensors)


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RESOL DeltaSol® BS/4 (1-3 sensors) 

Solar Hot Water Parts includes heat transfer paste and joiners with this controller. We are also trialling free 5ml silicone tubes to help make replacement even easier.

The RESOL DeltaSol® BS/4 controller provides a clear operating concept and is equipped with the illuminated combined display with system-monitoring. Flashing symbols for sensors, pumps and valves enable an immediate allocation of temperatures, temperature differences and active actuators. This makes adjusting and monitoring the solar system quick and easy. The RESOL DeltaSol® BS/4 controller is available from in 2 versions, depending on the demands. Details concerning the number of the relays as well as additional functions are shown in the technical data.
The RESOL DeltaSol® BS/4 (1-3 sensors) comes with:
  • 1 x 20m roof sensor 
    1 x 2.5m tank sensor
    1 x 2.5m upper tank sensor
    Australian power supply (fitted)
    Female pump lead (fitted)


Specifications - RESOL DeltaSol® BS/4 Solar Controller
  • RESOL DeltaSol® BS/4 controller has 3 basic system layouts to choose from
  • Drainback option
  • Heat quantity measurement
  • Tube collector function, thermal disinfection function
  • Commissioning menu
  • Unit ºF and ºC selectable
  • HE pump control via adapter
  • Aux relay for hot water system element can be easily added to this model

Take a moment to browse our site. We stock a range of accessories to suit the RESOL DeltaSol® BS/4 controller. Accessories are easy to connect to the VBus on the controller. It is as easy as adding a sensor. The RESOL DeltaSol® BS/4 controller is used in the Apricus and Thermann solar hot water systems.

The RESOL DeltaSol® BS/4 controller has an IP rating of 20, which is fine for indoor use. If using outside, we recommend using a moisture-proof housing. We sell a version of this controller which includes a moisture-proof housing.  Take a moment to browse our Pump Station section in Parts for more information.

Moisture-proof housing to suit RESOL Controllers
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