Adjustable Replacement Evacuated Tube Holder to suit Hills Evacuated Tubes


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Adjustable replacement evacuated tube holders to suit Hills solar hot water systems. 

Solar Hot Water Parts have an ideal solution to replace Hills solar evacuated tubes that have been broken from hail or damaged in storms. The new adjustable evacuated tube holders are designed to fit straight into the Hills solar manifold frame. Because they are adjustable they allow you to replace the old Hills evacuated tubes which are not easily available with Apricus or Thermann evacuated tubes. 

Apricus and Thermann evacuated tubes are available from any of your local plumbing suppliers this make them easier to buy and collect because tubes can not be posted they are far too fragile. When you buy a replacement evacuated tube you only want the tube without a heat rod, you need to keep the existing heat rod.

When you remove the old evacuated tube you need to keep the sputtered aluminium support inside the original tube and the heat rod. You will need to use them inside the new replacement tube as the new tube will fit but the new heat rods will not fit from the Apricus tubes.

Install the new adjustable evacuated tube holder and you can replace broken Hills solar evacuated tubes with new Apricus or Thermann evacuated tubes.