Grundfos 15-14 PM 240V Domestic Circulator


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Grundfos 15-14 PM 240V Domestic Circulator

The Grundfos 15-14 B PM is a stylish and pleasantly quiet magnetic drive pump. It is ideal for applications where only a very small amount of water is required for circulation, domestic rings mains.

  • Please refer to the technical information when purchasing this product. It is important to read the Grundfos 15-14 B PM pump installation guide correctly. Incorrect installation can effect and void manufacturer's warranty on this item. This pump has been designed for applications where a small amount of water is required for circulation, like domestic ring mains. The pump is designed to be installed inside or under cover.  Some earlier solar hot water manufacturers used an older model Grundfos 15 14 B AUS circulating pump with their solar hot water system.  This may not be a suitable application for the current model pump and may not be designed for your current application.. Please contact us before purchasing this item if you are not sure.  

Before purchasing this pump, you need to consider the age of the system and the availability of the full range of replacement component options for you system. Some solar hot water controllers that have been used with this pump in pump stations are no longer able to be purchased. Some applications may not be suitable for this pump now.              

The complete pump station, with the Grundfos 15-20 CIL 2 Circulating Pump, new roof and tank sensors, valves and a controller with a digital display, may be a better and more suitable replacement. The pump station provides full protection to the products inside. The advantage of using a pump station is that you replace everything at once. This is often a considerably less expensive option then trying to replace individual parts over time. If you are only replacing the pump, you need to ask 'why it has failed?' The most likely answer is because a component(s) has a fault, which has resulted in failed circulation. Additionally, you may find that over time other components you may need, once you have replaced the pump, are no longer be available. If you are simply replacing the pump, you need to check the roof sensor and controller before installation. Depending on the outcome you may need to consider your options.             
If you are not sure, contact us and send a photo of your current installation.            

The Grundfos 15-14 B PM is new, comes with the original packaging and relevant Grundfos manuals and is subject to limited manufacturer’s warranty and consumer guarantees as per the Australian Consumer Law.

This product is required to be installed by a licensed tradesperson as per applicable legislation, and be clear that failure to do so breaches manufacturer’s warranty and may result in injury and/or death, may jeopardise applicable insurance policies or may be in breach of the relevant law. Solar Hot Water Parts  recommend that Buyers check with their local authorities in regards to any specific regulations regarding licensing requirements for Plumbing or Electrical work.

Further information for Plumbing & Electrical licensing is available at:

State or Territory Plumbing Licensing Information Electrical Licensing


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See Grundfos installation guide below, it is important to read the Grundfos 15 14 PM pumps installation guide correctly. Incorrect installation can effect manufacturers warranty on this item.